Cinnamon, Rose and Wild Oregano and more art by Marina Adams

Cinnamon, Rose and Wild Oregano, 2019
173 x 147 cm (h x w)
acrylic on linen

‘Cinnamon, Rose and Wild Oregano’ is an immersive new painting by American artist Marina Adams. This work features areas of bright hues which interlock and overlap in a vibrating patchwork of colour and form. These luminous shapes act in harmony whilst also holding their own, alive with the potential to move and shift. Whilst the painting’s geometric harmonies have an immediate impact, the visible brushstrokes that break up these areas of colour introduce a haptic quality that rewards sustained attention. Shaping the formal structure of her paintings by sampling motifs from the traditions of textile design and architecture, Adams conjures a universal lexicon of colour and form. The artist explains, “Pattern is a language that crosses boundaries. It offers common ground… what I love is that it forces you to get very basic, and it’s in basic truths that we can find communion.”

A protest against what Adams terms our “culture of convenience”, the painting has a meditative feel that reflects the artist’s process. Sketching out a basic framework loosely with charcoal to “free” her for experimentation, Adams then adjusts to the needs of the composition as she works. In Artforum, Barry Schwabsky praises Adams’ delicate balance of dynamism and control. “[E]verything seems animated, in movement,” he writes. “The energy impelling this motion is never agitated or frantic but rather feels steady, relaxed, and spontaneously responsive. Viewing her work is like being in the passenger seat next to a driver who knows how to take the road with supreme dexterity and implicit attentiveness; you feel safe at any speed.”

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