The Kind Death of Mice & Sparrows and more art by Rowan McKinnon

The Kind Death of Mice & Sparrows , 2021
20 x 45 inch (h x w)
Children's Book

offered by:

more from Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Lemon, 2021
8.4 x 11 inch (h x w)

50 Shades of Chaos , 2021
14 x 9 inch (h x w)

(Empty) Utopian Space , 2021
8.3 x 7.7 inch (h x w)
hot glue
Tape Roll

Still Life Graphite Drawing , 2021
9.3 x 12 inch (h x w)
Graphite pencil on paper

The Machine, 2021
12 x 8.6 inch (h x w)
Acrylic Gouache on bristol board


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