And You Could Have It All, My Empire of Dirt and more art by Chris Horner

And You Could Have It All, My Empire of Dirt, 2021
20 x 47 x 1 inch (h x w x d)
USD 2 170
Digital Collage
for sale

This digital collage is build from heavily manipulated elements found on the web, layered, erased, blended and melted into each other. Bits of familiarity catch your attention as they permeate the foreground. Do you recognize what you see?

The found elements are of people displaying their material possessions or coveting those belonging to others, people flaunting for clout, and others who are happy to give it to them.

Everything is transactional in an attention economy. Are you buying, or selling?

When you gaze into Jay Leno's garage, the garage also gazes into you.

The aspect ratio of this work matches that of united states currency. The image is an archival digital print on dibond backing directly mounted to an acrylic surface and housed in a slim, custom, silver brushed aluminum frame.

The artwork is produced upon purchase, so please allow 10 working days for it to be completed prior to shipping.

edition of 3 + 2AP

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