No Answers Yet and more art by Chris Horner

No Answers Yet, 2021
18 x 24 x 1 inch (h x w x d)
USD 1 080
Digital Collage
for sale

On some level, we assume that the internet houses all human knowledge. If information exists, it must be searchable, it must be indexed, it must be online. When we type into the oracle, will our questions be answered? Every question you can imagine has already been asked, posted to the void in hopeful desperation. To quote Ryan Phillipe in The Way of the Gun (2000), "Your prayers are always answered, in the order they’re received…"

Praise Jah in the kingdom of Allah.

This image is rendered as an archival digital print mounted to dibond substrate, under an acrylic coating and wrapped in a custom, slimline black aluminum frame.

edition of 5 + 2AP

work is produced upon purchase, please allow 10 business days for production time prior to shipping.

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