Sarah’s Vigil and more art by Tanya Goodman Bailey

Sarah’s Vigil, 2021
61 x 76 x 1.5 cm (h x w x d)
GBP 411
for sale

The Duchess of Cambridge visits the vigil for Sarah Everard in Clapham Commom. Patsy Stevenson gets arrested later that evening and a woman named Georgina is flashed at on her way home but denied help by the police. That the response by the police was so heavy handed (and then totally lacking when needed) had an added sinister layer when a Metropolitan Police officer with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection unit pleaded guilty to all 3 counts of Sarah’s abduction rape and murder. He will be sentenced later this month.

I admired the outpouring of rage and sadness. My reaction was more numbed. I felt removed and dissociated which is perhaps why I chose the perspective to be slightly from above. It's all pretty Me Too: I have also been attacked on the streets (of Paris age 19), arms behind me and shoved down like Patsy with a lucky escape thanks to a passerby. I have also been flashed at in London but I was older and he was harmless so I was able to just roll my eyes and move on, not wishing to admit he had got a reaction and rattled me.
Note it is only the future Queen consort in this picture that is neither man handled nor harassed. Yet she released a statement saying that she "remembers what it was like to walk around London at night before she was married”.

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