Amethyst and more art by Moodyink

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Esra Günen aka Moodyink is a self- taught visionary artist. After the graduation from the college
(Korean Language and Literature) in 2014, she started to focus on learning landscape painting in her
father's art studio. In the mean time, she spent her time with intense reading Western philosophy
(she defined as "delicious mental yoga"), meditation, yoga and different spiritual practices. One day
she had this inspiration to create only in the flow state, which she named as the "Now Moment
Creations”. She grabbed a pen and a paper and the story began! She developed her own technique
over the years which was exciting for her because she was always wanted to create her own
authentic language.
The artworks' titles are always related to anything that she is fascinated by at that time. During the
flow state, she is inspired by nature and the Metaphysics; plants, planets, Vedic Astrology, dream
state related topics. Especially crystals are one of her favorite consciousnesses to explore so she
named after many of her artworks.
Playing video games was one of her childhood passion which still has a huge impact on her art as she
Different types of symbols such as cat, umbrella, glasses etc. can be seen next to the space ship
symbols; seemingly unrelated topics expressed on the same page is something very amusing to her.
Every artwork has it’s own symbolic story which is usually unknown and exciting process to her.
“As I grow and expand my consciousness through inner attunement (healing) ; the way I create,
shape and forms are changing during my flow state and I just love this evolving exploration! “

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