Poppy Schembri and more art by Poppy Schembri

Poppy Schembri
10 x 30 cm (h x w)

Poppy Schembri - Bachelor of Fine Art


Instagram: @poppy_a.r.t

Artist Statement: he fast-paced reality of the Western world has affected our highly evolved cognition. The contemporary mind incessantly endures a state of hyper-awareness, inhibiting our experience of the present moment. The erratic persistence and transience of thought and the fragmented intangibilities of memory have long stimulated my curiosity. Mind mechanics, sublime sensations interprets the fluid nature of the mind, echoed in the aleatory quality of collage generating unexpected innate imagery.

Winner of the NAVA Award - Gippsland

Criteria: Awarded to a graduating student who achieves the highest marks in their Professional Practice Unit, or who staff feel would be the most deserving of the benefits offered by a NAVA membership and resources.

Value: One Year NAVA Membership and access to all of NAVA’s online artist resources.

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other works by Poppy Schembri

Mind Mechanics, 2020

Without stagnation, With arbit..., 2020
200 x 150 cm (h x w)
Digital print

The voyage was a good voyage (..., 2020
120 x 200 cm (h x w)
mixed media

more from Federation University Arts Academy

#Staysafe1, 2021
Handbuilt Ceramic

#Fliporflop1, 2021
Handbuilt Ceramic

'There is a light’, 2021

#Renovatorsdream series 2021 , 2021
Handbuilt ceramics

#Fliporflop series 2021 (#Flip..., 2021
Handbuilt Ceramic


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