Dalai Lama and more art by Michelle Lynn Johnson - MJ

Dalai Lama
24 x 24 inch (h x w)
acrylic on canvas

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May we all lead by example. Thank you to the @dalailama for speaking up and being vocal about receiving a COVID vaccine. I read it was his first public appearance in more than a year. I listened to his words about the ‘greater good’ and to ‘inspire others to get vaccinated’. I applaud . I am inspired. I painted his holiness with prayer hands: Tashi delay/ Namaste to represent respect to each other and oneself. The Potala is in the background, the Dalai Lama palace in Lhasa Tibet which he has been exiled since 1959. This represents even thru the cultural genocide imposed to Tibet from China, there is hope and survival thru positive outlook and patience. Thank you . to the Dalai llama for continually leading by example. The painting is 24x24 in acrylic paint canvas prints available pm for details . Painted on the @visiontrain an online virtual art studio choo choo! Painted in the #mixteknik in @amandasageart online art class #reflections2020#painting #dalailama #portraitpainting

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