Untitled , 2019
55 x 73.5 in (h x w)
Digitally manipulated photograph

This is my life, my savior, my tormentor. Life without this would seem empty, devoid of my truth and how I see the world and experience this reality. It is expression of fine art through digital means. It is the outside world being transformed by my inner world then poured back in the form of these images.
I hope you enjoy them.
I hope they give you pleasure and sometimes hope.
For without hope and beauty, we would be surely lost.
I thank you beforehand for your time in exploring my work.

PLEASE NOTE: The scale of this artwork has been adjusted for the purposes of this virtual exhibition.

WEBSITE: https://tomazfavilla.studio

INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/tomaz.favilla

LOCATION: São Paulo, Brazil

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