Pineapple #32 und weitere Werke von Omar Francisco Olivera

Pineapple #32, 2021

The rainbows design are thirteen shapes that combine the Sierpinski fractal pattern and red, yellow, and blue color combinations to produce overlapping patterns that create a 40,320 unique eight color arrays. Iterations of these patterns have been fabricated in a variety of media and scales including drawing, digital, floor tile, Lego block, and Post-it Note. Themes that are evoked by these designs include harmony, diversity, equality, orientation, probability, and play. Much of the design is dictated by rules and properties beyond my intention and views and allow for intricate and inter-related properties to emerge. I superimpose certain meaning on them but encourage others to apply their own meaning to these shapes in an open forum of experimentation and discovery, promoting meditation as well.

exhibited by:

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