R e W i l d , 2020
36 x 18 in (h x w)
4000 USD
for sale

"R e W i l d

The path to Rewild
begins with a journey
home to the redwoods.

Root your feet in dark, fertile soil
Bathe your body’s branches in the forest’s golden glow
Become a body of smooth, mossy rock for waters to flow.
Transform into a humble student & sacred witness
saturating in a flourishing queendom of fungi consciousness ::
present everywhere, invisible and visible
source of ecosystem nourishment
quintessence of interconnection
cyclical midwife to birth, death & rebirth
composting the old
& paving pathways for regeneration.

Follow the mushroom roots
with your imagination
into the underground mycelium sea
braid your awareness
into the intelligent orchestra of Earth-haven mystery.

The fungi queendom
feeds the redwood trees
and the redwood trees
feed our beings ::
breathing life into our lungs,
rooting resilience into hearts,
& instilling steady-growth wisdom into our trunks.

We are interdependent with this intricate mycelium web of life,
from our first to last breaths :: belonging to the whole
Together, we are remembering who we are
Re-Wilding our souls.


The muse for this painting is Ayana Young, lover of redwoods & creator of For the Wild : “an anthology of the Anthropocene; focused on land based protection, co-liberation and intersectional storytelling rooted in a paradigm shift from human supremacy towards deep ecology.”
Original painting & print proceeds will uplift & support For the Wild Collective. To learn, become a part of the movement, root in wisdom & grow in community, visit www.forthewild.world. <3"


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