2020.89 and more art by Peter Borges

2020.89, 2020
30 x 25.2 inch (h x w)
acrylic marker on paper

Through my work, I seek to question the fundamental criteria of what constitutes artistic labor. I work to examine the traditional relationship viewers have had with analog artwork through printmaking and painting, and how that compares to our relationship with the omnipresent screens as an abstraction of creative will. Similarly, I strive to challenge the idea that fine art cannot be accessible to anyone who desires and appreciates it through a level of automation while maintaining the soul of a nonuniform work.

My final works meld the fields of printmaking, fabrication, and painting. My understanding of machines has evolved from purely instructional control to a symbiotic relationship where I accept the will, limitations, and preferences of the machines as a critical aspect of the creative process. Working with these machines, I create works that are simultaneously as accessible as prints while being as unique and emotionally evocative as what has traditional painting.


Contemporary technology is simply a tool in the artist's toolkit. In the same way that an artist uses a paintbrush or a pencil to execute a creative vision without fixating on those tools, as the evolution of technology, Techspressionism offers the opportunity to represent newer technologies as emerging opportunities in a long line of advancements that have allowed people to execute their creative visions.




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