Related Themes 1 , 2018
48 x 48 x 1 in (h x w x d)
Pigment on Canvas

"Darcy Gerbarg has long been established as one of the major pioneers in the digital arts field. Gerbarg continues to push the limits of digital technology in her latest group of billboard-size paintings and large-scale sculptures."
Cynthia Goodman, Director and Curator

I am an abstract Greenbergian formalist painter. Since 1979 I have combined traditional fine arts techniques with digital technologies, working often as a visiting artist in computer graphics research labs. Since 2016 I have been painting in a 3D Virtual World at the Future Reality Lab, NYU, Courant and my own studio. Digital tools allow me to explore color in space in fundamentally new ways. I focus on the tools and work intuitively without a predetermined image in mind. I work digitally much the same way as I work in acrylic, on large canvases: one color, one brush stroke at time, to build a painting.

I am an abstract expressionist painter who has been using digital tools since 1979. I currentlyI paint with 3DVR technology using my entire body, making expressive brush strokes with colored light all around myself. I have never heard the term "Techspressionism" until now, but it fits. I have been looking for a group of fine artists that accepes the use of digital technology as a tool in fine arts creative process. Come experience my work either on canvas in my studio or when it is shown in traditinal art ehibitions. OR Visit with me in one of my virtual world art exhibitions and experience my digital work in a 3DVR environment. The videos on my website and instagram will provide some idea of what my work feels like. All my work is created digitally.




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