Intention and more art by Dana Jones

Intention, 2020
40 x 40 inch (h x w)
Digital still image (Procreate). Dimensions variable.

A digital abstract artist, from Missouri, USA, Jonesy offers a unique visual experience, with artworks full of vibrance and depth, and rich with dynamic textures. Being profoundly hearing-impaired, and an anxiety disorder survivor, Jonesy turned to art for self-expression, and healing. Through the use of technology, she enjoys pushing the boundaries of her creativity, to stimulate your emotions and senses. Transform your home, transform your life. Art is a beautiful solution.

This particular piece, full of ebbs and flows, is the epitome of emotional expression for me. I've found that the more turmoil I experience, the more waves show up in my works. They perfectly illustrate the moments I feel helpless, as though I'm sinking, but also how I refuse to go under, and swim back to shore. Perseverance, spiritual grit, and commitment are a few of my values that I believe live in all of my artworks. They fully show up in this one.

PLEASE NOTE: The scale of this artwork has been adjusted for the purposes of this virtual exhibition.



LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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