Flashwave and more art by Michael Strevens

Flashwave, 2020
55 x 44 inch (h x w)
Digital (Creative/photo editing apps on iOS and Android). 2608 x 3264 px

Based in London, Michael Strevens makes immersive digital artworks using only mobile devices. His work plays with scale and perspective by incorporating a number of striking visual elements such as graphic patterns, shapes and lines. The tiny figure in each of his pictures allows the viewer to orientate themselves within the image, transforming abstract designs into 'places'.

PLEASE NOTE: The scale of this artwork has been adjusted for the purposes of this virtual exhibition.

I made this work shortly after starting a new temporary job about a month before the pandemic hit in February 2020. In some ways, the figure is an avatar of me trying to negotiate all the change and uncertainty that have been ongoing themes of my life in recent years. I try to create a sense of movement and dynamism within still images to reflect that nothing in life stays the same for too long.



LOCATION: Greater London, UK

exhibited by:

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