My Nature and more art by Roy Nicholson

My Nature, 2021
48 x 48 inch (h x w)
Unique Solar Plate etching on Arches paper with ink
oil paint and oil pastel. 33 x33 inches.

Roy Nicholson studied at Hornsey College of Art, London, and the Brooklyn Museum School of Art, and received a Master of Fine Arts from Vermont College, Norwich University. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in over 25 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions, and he has completed six public art commissions, most recently 72 glass panels and two mosaics for the Hicksville Station of the Long Island Railroad. Roy lives and works in Sag Harbor.

Using modern and traditional technologies, I create images that mix digital and manual techniques. They express my emotional responses to the natural world and how we are entwined in it. "My Nature" combines Photoshopped elements and intaglio printing with painting and drawing. The linear forms include Morning Glory vines, the lines of my palms, and a photograph of a blood vessel in my heart—an amalgam of external and internal realities.

Please note - the actual physical dimensions of this piece are 33 x 33 inch (h x w). The relative size of this work has been adjusted for the purposes of the virtual gallery presentation.



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