Upcycled Wearable Art and more art by Josh Deane

Upcycled Wearable Art, 2020
Upcycled Wearable Art

Influenced by a punk mentality, a love for cartoons, anime and everything 90s.
Josh Deane aims to instil a sense of pride in the wearer showcasing their individuality through custom wearable art.
By up-cycling, altering by hand and resourcing items ethically Josh Deane takes a confident stance against the global epidemic of clothing waste and fast fashion trends.
Josh's vision of a future with more respect towards what we wear by promoting less waste, improved ethics and more love is intertwined within every creation.

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other works by Josh Deane

Adapt 22, 2022
240 x 380 cm (h x w)
Video 10mins

Nyssa, 2021
90 x 60 cm (h x w)
latex polymer paint & silicon on canvas

Kali, 2020
180 x 200 cm (h x w)
Upcycled Wearable Art

Virus, 2020
180 x 200 cm (h x w)
Upcycled Wearable Art

Anxiety, 2020
Upcycled Wearable Art



We Smile, We Grieve, 2022

Solo ya Sarah, 2022

In Lieu of Terror 1.2, 2022
180 x 200 cm (h x w)

nexus title, 2022
35 x 35 cm (h x w)

Archive/Game, 2022
230 x 240 cm (h x w)


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