The Power of Art and more art by Shara Bliss

The Power of Art, 2022
11 x 14 inch (h x w)
Acrylic Latex Paint
not for sale

This is one small 10 foot square section of a much larger mural (1900 square foot). It is a work in progress. The theme of the mural is The Power of Art. The design was inspired by a community listening session with Art Stewards. I have been working on this all through this semester of Vitra Academy. All that I have learned has filtered into the artwork in a powerful way. This section speaks to me of transformation from our smallest cells and our dna, to becoming our manifestation as humans & our aspirations to become our highest selves. Butterflies and the flower of life, are symbols that seem to show up in a lot of my art. I am not with you at the art opening today, because I am in the process of installing this mural. I look forward to sharing the process & the final product with you all in the coming weeks. So happy to be able to share this maiden voyage of Vitra Academy with all of you!

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