Let Us Be Seen and more art by Dir. Elspeth Vischer

Let Us Be Seen, 2022
w = 100 cm
Digital video

A trailer for upcoming feature documentary Let Us Be Seen, playing festivals and screenings in 2022. Let Us Be Seen is a film about grassroots feminism in Belfast, featuring artists, activists and educators from the North of Ireland. It is directed by Elspeth Vischer and funded through Queen's University Belfast, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Future Screens NI and Vish Films. Link to full film is available upon request.


Elspeth Vischer is a filmmaker and writer based in Belfast and director of Vish Films Ltd. Elspeth's work is particularly focused around both experimental and documentary traditions. Let Us Be Seen is Elspeth's first feature documentary and is about grassroots feminism in Belfast that is part of a Creative-Practice PhD in Film at Queen's University, Belfast. Elspeth's work takes an interest in the absurd side of the everyday and aims to question the politics of existence.

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h = 100 cm

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54 x 96 x 0.5 cm (h x w x d)

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