Francesca Tesoriere
100 x 70 cm (h x w)

I am a Sicilian illustrator, born and raised in Palermo, where I currently live, alternating teaching with graphic activity. During my training and study period, I lived for a few years in Madrid and Rome. I graduated in Architecture in 2000 in Palermo, and in 2002 I obtained a Diploma in Illustration at the IED in Rome.

I have been involved in illustration since 2002. In 2018 I started painting abstract paintings inspired by the plant world.

Artist statement

In our daily lives we are no longer in contact with nature. The plant world fascinates me. The plants, the trees, the flowers…

It seems like a world very far from us, but our very survival depends on its care and understanding.

Plants give us oxygen, they feed us, they are the most crucial elements in the bioclimatic balance of our planet.

I believe that connecting with nature helps us to be more serene, relaxed and gives us greater well-being.

Our body and brain have not evolved so quickly as to think that sitting on the couch looking at a screen is a source of well-being.

But plants are also fascinating.

Botany (discovering rare species, local plants, so different all over the world), is something that I am passionate about and inspires my artistic project.

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