FRAGILE - HANDLE WITH CARE , The GREENbox Company and more art by Andrea Castellana Clément Courtier Constantin Dubus Dennis Nesemeier Marie-Sophie Rasch Karim Sadqi

175 x 250 cm (h x w)
fake blood

This piece of art criticizes modern ways of consumption.
Thanks to online shopping and delivery services, everyone anywhere in the world has access to extensive ranges of products. People are happy when they receive a nice parcel that is well packaged and sealed. Often, they order a silicone case for their 300 € Air Pods directly from China. The costs seem to be neglectable: 2,63 €, yet we do not take into account how much it costs the world in terms of environmental pollution, resource consumption and the creation of excessive waste. Imagine, on average every European citizen produces his or her own body weight of cardboard and paper waste per year.

We simply thought of showing the impact of our purchasing choices, so that we are more aware, and choose GREENbox next time. GREENbox follows the philosophy of the Circular Economy and provides reusable delivery boxes made out of recycled materials.

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