erdbeermilch / strawberry milk 1 (3D) and more art by Veronika Merklein

erdbeermilch / strawberry milk 1 (3D), 2015
#photography #performance

"erdbeermilch" was a two days durational performance over a duration of around 12 hours. It was part of the performance festival "Hotel Obscura" by "Die Fabrikanten" where visitors met the performers in a one-to-one-meeting in a hotel room.

"erdbeermilch" was a David Lynch-like situation, a scored performance which talked about fear and depression. The cushion and Merklein's dress are out of the same darkgreen fake leather fabric. The bed used to be the center of a room smelled intrusively of marzipan and chocolate. The bed was the centerpart of the performance where the matress was exchanged by an over-sized cushion which symbolizes the feeling of falling deep into a depression. During the whole performance Merklein read out texts which were hidden in the white ballons, she cut her hair, she drank strawberry milk, scraped marzipan of a picture, baked mircowave cake, and let the audience feel deeply uncanny.

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