The Great Wave of TrainsFormation and more art by Amanda Sage & Joe Bob Merritt

The Great Wave of TrainsFormation
48 x 72 inch (h x w)
casein and oil on canvas
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"We weave great waves into tracks trained towards together.
We trip to train and gather again to ground around the fires that light forgotten faces.
We art to inform the frothing forms that flow forth from the foundry with-in.
We art to re-find and render the remembered that was lost in the confine of mind untended.
We art to leave the wakes of Oneder and Express the Image-Nation there under.
We root down to rise up to bloom forth to end the rending and mend the plundered.

This Train is never ending.

TrainsFormation Traces the Tracks back to re-leaf the Traces and plant the Spaces,
This party proceeds from station to station.
For stations art stations as nations art notions and notions art nations.
We art information - forming formations - from the furnace of imaginations.

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