Q6 , 2021

The images are visualizations of “quantum noise” — the effects of running code on actual IBM Quantum Computers, as the qubits decohere. I then take that data, and visualize it with my own Processing code. I’m approaching the work in a similar way that I approached my AI/GAN work… with a belief that one does not need to be a technical expert to engage with new technologies. But that by working with it you can develop a non-technical intuition for how it works, and through art and aesthetics, develop a new imagination for what it can become.

My interest in connecting this to NFTs is because NFTs, and the blockchain in general, are built on the cryptology that is virtually impossible to break with classical computers. However when we reach quantum supremacy, it will be child’s play to break that security. And so the current belief in NFTs infinite stability, may be little more another example of how people enthusiastically embrace new technologies, a techno-utopian fantasy that they offer a perfect solution. In the end, quantum computers may render NFTs to be little more than digital dust.

[As a side note: there’s also an energy usage conversation. With the discussion of the amount of energy used to mint NFTs, quantum computers use tiny amounts of energy to do their processing. However… the energy required to keep the machines cold enough in order to facilitate superconducting is a lot. (They need to be 15 millikelvin (-273° C) which is colder than interstellar space)]

I’m calling these works “Quantum Drawings” because they are (at the moment, at least) a single line. In addition to prints I'm also starting to do them as plotter drawings. But think that minting them as NFTs is a commentary on this current NFT mania — holding a mirror to the NFT world, asking it to re-think it’s assumptions.

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