Federn and more art by Dodo (1907-1998)

Federn, 1926
46.5 x 32 cm (h x w)
Watercolour on paper

© The Dodo Estate

Advertisement design was a defining element in Dodo’s early work when she was studying at the Reimann School. The designs, including the Federn advert, Hanna Haars Hats and Rosine Paris clearly reflect the styles of the era. Federn features a clean, linear design, the nib designed to look metallic and 3D. It resembles a rocket, or even a bullet, and clearly encapsulates the Bauhaus movement of Berlin in the 1920s. Modernist design and architecture are evident in many of Dodo’s own designs.

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more from Ben Uri Research Unit

The Draughtsman, 1998
31.8 x 37.5 cm (h x w)

Cherbourg 1949, c. 1999
33 x 31.8 cm (h x w)
Assemblage: wood
brass porthole
and mixed media

Catia’s Terrace, 1991
55.9 x 63.5 cm (h x w)
Oil on canvas

The Best Room, 1991
50.8 x 61 cm (h x w)
Oil on board

Norfolk Coast – Sunset, c. 1991
14 x 21.6 cm (h x w)
casein on paper


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