Air and more art by Ed Ruscha

Air, 1969
17 x 24 inch (h x w)
Lithograph in green and gray
on Copperplate Delux paper

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other works by Ed Ruscha

That Was Then, This Is Now, 2014
38.3 x 50 inch (h x w)
Lithograph on paper

Mocha Standard, 1969
28.3 x 45.5 inch (h x w)

Cold Beer Beautiful Girls, 2009
40 x 31 inch (h x w)
lithograph in colors on wove paper


more from David Benrimon Fine Art

The Musicians, 2013
49 x 37 inch (h x w)

Sparrow, 2007
12 x 20 inch (h x w)

Woman on Horse, 2015
50 x 32 inch (h x w)

Maternity, 2006
19 x 8 inch (h x w)

Familia en el Campo, 2017
50 x 39 inch (h x w)


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