Roz Dimon
Roz Dimon is a transplanted southerner who has been painting with a digital brush for over 30 years in New York City. Besides heading up major new media divisions for toptier corporations, she is the creator of a new form of art and storytelling that was inspired post 9/11 by a show of medieval iconography. Similar to an icon, these works create a new kind of relationship between viewer and art. She recently spoke about her work at a Conference on New Media at Yale University and completed a piece for a museum that takes 300 years of history and makes it into a single work-of-art, accessible by all with a smartphone or tablet. Dimon has a piece in the permanent collection of The 9/11 Memorial Museum and is a member of the Carter Burden Gallery in Chelsea, New York City. She was recently awarded a grant from the Institute of Museums and Libraries via The Children's Museum of The East End to create a major interactive artwork working with Hispanic kids and their families. It will be projected on the museum's exterior with a story accessible to the world. They are creating the entire work via ZOOM.

Negin Ehtesabian (Neginete)
is a contemporary artist, illustrator, and designer who is currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Ehtesabian received a B.A. in Visual Communication from the University of Tehran (Fine art faculty) and studied Animation at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

She has participated in several international illustration biennials and exhibitions and has achieved recognition and prizes including:
The Plaque of the 44th Golden Pen of Belgrade, Serbia;
The Encouragement Prize of Noma Concurs-UNESCO, Japan 2004
and in 2016, Ehtesabian was named one of the Three Best Illustrators of the last 40 years of Iranian children books by the Center for Literature Studies, University of Shiraz, Iran.

She has illustrated more than 35 picture books for children and adults, published in Iran, Italy, Germany, India, China, Taiwan, Canada, and Turkey. She has created murals and urban art in Tehran. Since 2015, Ehtesabian has created independent sticker-based street art projects in various cities around the world.

Currently, she is working on a research-based series of work combining visual art and music, while at the same time, she continues her book illustrations, designing pictorial rugs and experimental performances.

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