2084: Between Utopia and Dystopia and more art by Anne-Rachel Gayibor Mélisse Martin Alexandra Masse Juliette Thore

2084: Between Utopia and Dystopia , 2020
Credits : 
photos by Charlotte Abramow . Subway photos in the background:
. Bra: google

Rape culture impacts our way of dressing. Bra is even considered as a mitigating circumstance in case of rape for 20% of French people*.

For the future we dream of a world in which a bra is not considered as a protection against sexual assault, a world where the simple sight of nipples is seen as outrageous, where the normalization of every shape, every age is accepted.

A world in which the only “protection” a bra could bring is against the epidemies that will unfortunately be recurrent.

*Sondage Ifop - LE BOOM DU « NO BRA », TENDANCE DE FOND OU EFFET DE MODE ? - 2020.07.08

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