Yogurt in the Sky 68 (CCP) , 2020
30 x 30 in (h x w)
archival ink on paper 300 gsm

The most essential thing about a visual work of art is actually invisible.

Born 1967 in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he lives and works.
Since 1979 freelance artist with interest in various fields including painting, drawing, digital art, sculpture, installation etc.

Winner of various awards and scholarships, participant in international biennials and festivals, his works are to be found in numerous private and public collections.

The work is part of a series that is created entirely with/in a 3D computer program. The objects (jars with yogurt) were modeled and then subjected to various physical forces in the virtual space. The associations evoked by the imagery may vary. In a way we all are projected in space and different forces shape our trajectories while we try to follow some goals and keep on our tracks.

PLEASE NOTE: The scale of this artwork has been adjusted for the purposes of this virtual exhibition.

WEBSITE: https://www.slavnedev.eu

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/slavnedev/

LOCATION: Sofia, Bulgaria

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