Creatrix Crystal Visions and more art by Tiffinity

Creatrix Crystal Visions
16 x 20 inch (h x w)
USD 1 111
Oil Mischtechnik On Canvas Board
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"This piece is still unfinished, but it's fairly close to being defined and only a few details/layers left. With this painting and poem I aim to inspire my own growth and transformative evolution, as I also call in a strong group of conscious community, living in eco-sustainable communities that utilize resources efficiently and organically.
Here is the poem that crystallizes my vision:
Someone must —
— Save the future.
Return to radical regeneration of harmony,
Burn off the weights of the past,
Unfurl our sails into tomorrow’s winds.
Did fairy tales dazzle my eyes to blindness?
Or is there yet a purpose to wonder,
A seed of ancient magic
that could sprout to fruit?
I close heavy lids to listen now,
Wave my crystal vortex wand
And pray to release doubts,
Melt away aches of muscle memory,
From when my mirror got shattered...
Can I finally feel ready
To shed this dormant cocoon,
To spread my iridescent rainbow wings
In celebration of beauty and insight
swirling from my womb to wand,
Like the Butterfly Fairy Princess Elf
That I always dreamed to be?
To the masses I walk relatively invisible,
But this pulsing tender heart
Often leaks from the eyelashes
With tears for lifetimes of yearning
For kindred conscious connection,
To reweave the loom of lore
Into a tapestry of beautiful friendships.
I believe there are still hearts
As tender as my own,
With arms to soothe my cries.
And I will swim rivers
To learn to flow like the fish,
And hike mountains for eagle views,
Until I find the kindred tribe for me.
The ones with stars in their eyes,
flower crowns in their hair,
And glitter on their skin,
Hugging instead of flexing,
Casting layers of light
and insight upon grand canvases,
Plotting Omni-beneficial equations,
Beaming visions from spectral eyes,
Grounded by golden values,
That balance all aspects
within perfect spheres.
Together we will join hands,
link frequencies
And co-create sacred chords
Of geometric harmonies,
Layering nature’s bio rhythms,
Repeated and growing exponentially
Living and loving each other
Into cosmic Infinity.
Note: Ecovillage on the left: Design inspired by ""SEED Symbiotic Coevolution"" by Land Art Generator, found on the Regenera Rising 2022 conference.
Design Team: Samantha Katz, Woody Nitibhon, Henry O'Donnell, Samantha Katz, Lola Lafia, Eric Baczuk, John Hilmes, Max Schwitalla, Colin O'Donnell
Many thanks to Alecia, the teacher helpers and especially Amanda Sage for giving so much of themselves to helping us learn, dream, grow and improve in this wonder-full class!"

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